After completing Army coursework in electronics at the University of West Virginia, dad was sent to Oak Ridge, Tennessee, to become part of the top secret Manhattan Project. Sent to Los Alamos, New Mexico, shortly after, he was selected to become a member of Project Alberta and was heavily involved in designing and troubleshooting the electronic triggering device (the “X-Unit”) for the Fat Man bomb design. He was sent to Tinian as part of the Destination Team from Los Alamos, then returned to Los Alamos and went on to become a member of the firing team for the joint Army-Navy A-bomb test known as Operation Crossroads. He left Los Alamos in late 1946 to work at the Naval Ordnance Testing Station at Inyokern, CA.

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Dad & the Manhattan Project
Los Alamos

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  1. 1. Los Alamos Times Vol. 1 No. 1